Our objectives

Our objectives

1. To help alleviate poverty, misfortune, distress and suffering to women and children in the Hawkesbury region and surrounds through the direct provision of material aid, emergency accommodation and referral services, counselling and other services to improve their lives directly.

2. To promote the health, education and welfare of disadvantaged women and children, particularly those residing in the Hawkesbury Shire.

3. To collect and distribute information for individuals and groups concerning services and issues of relevance to disadvantaged women and children.

4. To reduce the isolation of disadvantaged women by encouraging the development of support networks and self-help activities.

5. To provide emotional and practical support to disadvantaged women and children.

6. To promote full public participation in the planning of services based at the centre.

7. To promote public discussion on issues relevant to disadvantaged women and children.

8. To reduce the oppression of women and children regardless of age, class, race, religion or sexual preference.