Community Support

The community can support The Women’s Cottage in a number of ways:

  • Women can become a member of the cottage (see Become a member).
  • Women can apply to join our Governance body HAWKS Management Collective.
  • Community members can attend events.
  • Be part of our say No to Violence campaign (see the Projects section on our website).
  • Support the Gabrielle Fund or Emergency Relief.
  • Sponsor a counsellor for a day for  / 6 months /12 months.
  • Sponsor a group.

All donations big and small can be made by direct credit – THANK YOU

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you would like a receipt please email:

Reference: please say “donation” and tell us your last name.

Account Name: Womcot Main Chq Acc
Account Number: 129 954 459
BSB: 633-000

HAWKS Management Collective

The Women’s Cottage is seeking expressions of interest from women who would like to volunteer their skills in the development and support of this specialist local service by participating in the management of the service or by utilising skills for one-off projects.  If you have skills in marketing, social media, IT, fundraising, legal, accounting or other business skills, please call the manager on 4578 4190 or email



You can choose to sponsor a particular program or counselling hours.

Costings for Various Sponsorship Options

Wave Worker 2x 5hr shifts

1 year


Wave Worker 2x 5hr shifts

6 months


Wave Worker 1x 5 hr shift

1 year


Wave Worker 1×5 hr shift

6 months


Counsellor 1 day per week

1 year


Counsellor 1 day per week

6 months


Therapeutic Support Group
(2 Facilitators)

8 to10 week Group


Your support would help to fund the following Groups:

  • Managing Difficult Emotions Reclaiming Life (Support after DV)
  • Managing Anxiety and Depression (through Meditation and Mindfulness)
  • Wrapped Blanket Making Group (Recovering Resilience after Trauma)

Emergency Relief

The Women’s Cottage emergency Relief provides primarily food assistance for women who are clients of our service and financially disadvantaged. The Emergency relief is supported by donations and does not receive any funding from government sources.

Gabrielle Fund

In Australia between 70-80 women per year are murdered by their partners or ex partners (more than one a week). Many more women and children are victims of domestic violence. Statistics tell us that one in 4 women will experience abuse and violence from a boyfriend/husband/de facto/partner.

The Gabrielle Fund, named in honour of a local woman, brutally murdered as a result of domestic violence, was established by The Women’s Cottage in 1991 to financially assist women to safely escape a domestic violence relationship.

The Gabrielle fund is supported only by donations and provides financial support for tickets, food, nappies etc., to assist women and their children to escape violence and be and stay safe.

This service is only too aware of the fear women live in on a daily basis when trapped in an abusive and violent relationship. Often fear of further violence prevents them from leaving, lack of means is often another barrier.

Financial abuse ie restricting access to money; having to ask for money; having to account for every cent; not permitted (by controlling abusive partner) to own or have access to a debit /credit card can be part of the overall pattern of abuse and women do not always have the financial and practical means to escape the violence. This is why the Gabrielle fund is such a vital and necessary support for women escaping violence.

The Gabrielle fund will cover larger costs; accommodation, train fares, Removals costs, changing locks, set up costs (women who have to flee have no furniture or household items for a new house) and also smaller expenses as replacing identification papers eg birth certificates, food, petrol, nappies, baby formula to assist women in leaving the violence.

The Gabrielle fund will further support women for a time to stay safe ie not to go back to the abuse relationship, this support may be in the form of food hampers, assistance with medical scripts, new school clothing etc. The amount of funds are often limited due to the fact that all Gabrielle funds come from donations.

Experience working in this sector tells us that often the violence and abuse escalates immediately after a women leaves so providing support, including financial support is vital to keep women & their children safe.

To date since the beginning of this financial year over $4341, has been expended by the Gabrielle fund for things such as 3x removals, 7x emergency accommodation (ranging from 1-7 days and includes a couple of very large families), fares, fuel and food. By the end 2013 -2014 financial year the Gabrielle fund expended over 5,000 in assistance to women escaping violence. These funds need to be constantly renewed by donations which puts pressure on the organisation to find external financial sources.

Since the Gabrielle fund has been established in 1991 it has helped over 700 local Hawkesbury women & their children safely escape domestic violence.