Domestic Violence and other safety concerns can increase during times of natural disaster.

It’s ok to reach out for help.

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Christmas Closure

The Women’s Cottage will be closed Sat 24/12/2022 to Mon 2/01/2023. We will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

If you need assistance during this time the following 24/7 numbers are available to you:

Self Care Over The Christmas Season

Christmas can be a lovely time for some, but for others it can be a lonely or stressful time. If you are struggling to handle difficult emotions such as: stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, grief, or feelings of loneliness, try using some of the tips below to help.

Maintain Healthy Habits – Make sure you are getting enough sleep, taking time for exercise and healthy meals. Get outside and get some of that fresh air.

Stay Connected with Supportive Friends and Family – Whether it is a phone call, a visit in person, a string of text messages, an email, a facetime, a skype or a zoom… keep in touch with your people.

Be Honest with Yourself – Give yourself permission to feel the emotions, to not attend functions that you do not want to and to surround yourself with things or people that make you happy.

Plan Ahead – Think about the days and times that you may be feeling vulnerable and try to have a plan in place to keep you safe and well. Some of the things that work for us are watching a funny DVD, taking the dog for a walk, or listening to favourite music.

Best Wishes from The Women’s Cottage

The Women’s Cottage is open during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

But please ring and talk to a worker before coming to the service.
If we can not assist you over the phone we will arrange a safe time for you to come in. 

If you are unable to get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If we are unable to help you over the phone, we will make arrangements to see you.

Many thanks and stay safe and well.

Please call 02 4578 4190

Supporting women & children since 1983

The Women’s Cottage has been supporting women and children since 1983. The Women’s Cottage is a community based crisis support and resource centre, run by women, for women (and their children) who live, work or study in the Hawkesbury region. We specialise in supporting women experiencing domestic violence, isolation, financial distress, parenting distress and other forms of emotional distress or trauma. Our services are for all women with and without children.

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