Our Vision

Hawkesbury Area Women and Kids Services Inc. is a feminist community-based organisation that is run by women for women and children.

We are committed to all forms of freedom for women and children.

We are committed to an ecologically and socially just and diverse society, where all women are valued and treated as equal.

We are committed to assisting and supporting women and children to determine their own lives and choices.

We uphold women and children’s rights to a safe environment whether within the home or in the community.

We actively pursue political measures to address the elimination of social and environmental oppression, injustice and violence, locally and globally.

“Our main aim is for every woman we see to feel heard, believed, and respected”

Maria Losurdo


“You listening to me. Our teamwork, we fill in the holes together and have the same goal in mind of safety”



“I feel very safe and secure”

Group Participant


We are here to help

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