Domestic Violence

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We believe that:

  • Women and children are never responsible for the domestic violence they are experiencing
  • Responsibility for domestic violence lies 100% with the abuser
  • Domestic violence is a betrayal of trust and a misuse of power
  • Domestic violence can seriously affect the lives of women and children, sometimes it results in death.
  • People who have experienced domestic violence have the ability to overcome the emotional and psychological effects of the abuse.
  • Abusers use strategies to ensure that the violence remains a secret and to avoid responsibility for their actions.
  • Common attitudes in society towards women and children can increase the effects of the abuse. These attitudes lead to women taking on blame, guilt and responsibility for abuse as well as impacting upon legal, financial, education and housing choices available.

As workers at The Womens Cottage:

  • We place the safety of women and children as a first priority
  • We aim to relate to each other and the women and children that we see with respect, openness and accountability.
  • We take care to maintain an awareness of the dynamics of power in all relationships and are committed to not misusing power.
  • We believe the stories women tell us, and we aim to provide a safe place for women to take their own path towards overcoming the effects of violence.
  • We believe that women have the expertise and experience about their own lives to tell us and each other what they know and need.

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Information about Domestic Violence

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