Hawkesbury Action Network Against Domestic Violence


HANADV is a network of interested people taking action against Domestic and Family Violence in our community.

HANADV is made up of workers who understand the issues surrounding domestic violence.

HANADV members work in agencies which provide support for women and children experiencing domestic violence or working to escape from the effects previous violence has had on their lives.


To promote change in community attitudes towards domestic violence.

The term Domestic and Family Violence will be used by HANADV to define violence that is perpetrated by men. Australian institute of health and welfare (AIHW) report in 2018, 99% or 1.6 million female victims of violence from current or pervious cohabiting partner experienced from male partner than female partner.

However, HANADV recognises the complexity of Domestic and Family Violence in that it can occur in same sex couples; be perpetrated by women with men as the victims; and will adversely affect children and impact on extended family members.

All member agencies of the HANADV believe that domestic violence is unacceptable, it is a crime, and everyone has the right to live their life free from fear, intimidation, and violence.

What Does HANADV Do?

  • Share information on services and resources for victims and survivors of domestic violence
  • Discuss, comment, and advocate regarding domestic violence intervention and practice
  • Promote community awareness, education of domestic violence and the issues for people experiencing violence
  • Develop strategies that challenge domestic violence


The Hawkesbury Action Network Against Domestic Violence (HANDV) has been established to raise awareness and reduce the incidence of Domestic and Family Violence in the Hawkesbury.


  • Raise awareness of Domestic and Violence Family (DFV) in The Hawkesbury community
  • To focus on changes in the DFV and Family Law legislations.
  • Provide information for victims of DFV.
  • Provide information and access to training for members of HANA DV in relation to DFV.
  • Consult with and make recommendation to relevant Government authorities on legislation, policy development and funded service provision.
  • Identify trends in the reported incidences of DFV
  • Explore funding opportunities for DFV prevention.
  • Provide representation and feedback to and from relevant interagency and meeting about HANADV and others as required.
  • Develop and implement and Monitor strategies to increase access to community resources for people affected by organisations including but not limited to Domestic and Family Violence.
  • Strengthen partnerships between non-government and Government community and health service, legal agencies and the Hawkesbury Police Area Command (PAC).
  • Identify gaps in service provision for people affected by domestic and family violence and lobby for increased services, funding and prevention.
  • Commitment to organising and participation in local community events,

    • Stop DV Day

    • 16 Days of Activism for Elimination of violence against women and children Nov 25th to 10th Dec (around that week dates change per calendar year).

    • Hawkesbury Show

    • Day Against Sexual Assault August 25th in partnership with HSVPN

    • Reclaim the Night, October 25th in partnership with HSVPN

    • NAIDOC Week

    • Harmony Day 21st March

    • IDHAOBIT 17TH May

    • White Ribbon Day (support Hawkesbury events and committee)

    • Love Bites program

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